photo by Marlo Wise

With Holly's swim coach eye, she was able to see stroke flaws, and then use ART to release 'stuck' muscles, which allowed me to immediately improve my technique.

-Mark Rozman
Austin, Texas

I highly recommend the swim/ART sessions. It is an effective powerful combination: Holly provides feedback and instructions to improve my swim stroke and uses ART to release soft tissue and muscles that impede my stroke. It’s an awesome combination. Holly is intuitive as well as a great teacher and champion.

-Lin Mallardi
Austin, Texas

Active Release Techniques®/

Active Release Techniques (ART®) can address and resolve scar tissue and nerve entrapment in soft tissues. At Thrive AUSTIN we combine this technique with other modalities such as myofascial release, crossfiber friction, PNF stretching and deep muscle stripping, to manually assist the body in healing.

$200.00* per 90 minute session *First Time Appt $225.00

Add on Biomat prior to your session for $1 a minute. 20-30 minutes recommended.



This one-of-a-kind session combines swimming and ART® to address stroke inefficiencies that cannot be solved with technique alone. You may or may not be aware of issues or pain, while in motion in the water. Thrive AUSTIN will help to identify and solve these problems, from the pool to the massage table and back again, in quick succession. This is best for intermediate to advanced swimmers, with a clear understanding of their stroke. We use above water filming, with immediate playback for review and instruction.

Examples of soft tissue restrictions that can interfere with your stroke:

  • One or both feet not undulating properly - this limits your kick

  • Your latissimus dorsi or serratus anterior (back and side body) are shortened - this limits your reach

$200.00* per 90 minute session *First Time Appt $225.00


Video 1: Right shoulder joint on recovery and entry is too tight.

Video 2: Right shoulder joint after ART treatment is now looser on recovery and entry.

Video 3: Head and arms move too much, creating zigzag stroke.

Video 4: Head position is stable and arms stay in a straight line.

Photo by Marlo Wise

Photo by Marlo Wise


For all ages and stages of swimming, from beginner to advanced there is always something to be learned and improved. Our coaching philosophy is based on the fundamentals in order of importance: breathing, balance and movement in the water. 

Above water filming with immediate playback for review and instruction will be utilized when appropriate. Our facility is ideal for swim instruction with a 43ft pool. The shallow ends measure 3.5-4ft. The mid section is 5.9 ft. We have Budu water jets (for "treadmill" like swimming) and proper flip turn markings. 

$50.00 per 30 minutes

(All first-time adult swim sessions requires 60 minutes)



Learn what it is, how it works and the product that will work best to suit your needs and ability. You can successfully self-treat soft-tissue restrictions via a foam roller or other similar tool with proper application and education.


Before you tackle the waves as a first-timer, get a head start with paddling and surf board orientation in a safe and controlled pool environment. Practice paddling and board motion control against swim jets that offer enough resistance for the beginner surfer.

Individual and small group training is available for Foam Rolling 101, Swim Instruction and Beginner Surf Prep. Prices available upon request.